Xiuhtecuhtli ("Turquoise Lord" or "Lord of Fire"), was the god of fire, day and heat. He was the lord of volcanoes, the personification of life after death, warmth in cold (fire), light in darkness and food during famine. He was also named Cuezaltzin ("flame") and Ixcozauhqui, and is sometimes considered to be the same as Huehueteotl ("Old God"), although Xiuhtecuhtli is usually shown as a young deity. Xiuhtecuhtli is a manifestation of Ometecuhtli, the Lord of Duality, and according to the Florentine Codex Xiuhtecuhtli was considered to be mother and father of the Gods, who dwelled in the turquoise enclosure in the center of earth.

Children of Xiuhtechutli reside in Barrack H along with children of Tonatiuh.



  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are able to create and launch fireballs which can be thrown at the target.
  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are generate a gust of heat which slowly burns anyone hit by the gusts.
  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are able to empower an object with the power of fire making it burn everything it touches.


  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are able to increase heat around a small area somewhat like a force-field. This dries up all life around an area and slowly burns anyone in it even the conjurer in a slow rate.
  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are able to conjure a firewall that blocks and burns most attacks. The bigger and the longer the wall is used, the more it drains.


  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are extremely resistant to fire and heat.
  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are innately able to know the time just by thinking about it.
  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are stronger during the day.


  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are able to empower their allies by sending out a war-cry and send fear into the opponent's mind.
  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are able to release heat to cauterize wounds.

Leadership PowersEdit

  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli rarely are able to manipulate lava. They can summon small volcanoes in the ground and telekinetically manipulate the lava into a stream which burns anything in its path. Xiuhtecuhtli's powers limit the use of this power.


  • Children of Xiuhtecuhtli are vibrant and energetic like fire.
  • They are strong-willed and determined.
  • They have an obsession for turquoise.