Xipe Totec


Also known as: Tlatlauhca, Youlahuan, Yopi

Xipe Totec is the god of agriculture, vegetation, spring, smiths and seasons. The god is a benevolent deity with a fearsome aspect: to him have the skin flayed from their bones whole, and his priests mimic him by wearing the skins over their own, as if clothed in the sacrifice's very body. Xipe Totec flayed himself so that he could bring maize seeds to humanity and allow the earth to bring food. He was the god of rebirth and renewal of the seasons. The Flayed One does not have a skin of his own so his followers flay a carefully-chosen sacrifice to do so.

Xipe Totec refuses have a barrack dedicated to him. As a result, his children and his followers are blessed with his powers of fertility and are termed, "Flayers". Flayers have no official residence in Camp Aztlan but are citizens of Tollan.



  1. Flayers are able to rain a shower of thorns upon his/her opponents causing them aggravated damage on their bodies. 
  2. Flayers are able to cause opponents to feel as if they are actually being flayed alive for a few minutes. 


  1. Flayers are able to melt into any enviroment like a chameleon making them indistinguishable from plant life for a short period of time.
  2. Flayers are able to transform their skin to that of a bark of a tree making them invulnerable enough for various attacks.
  3. Flayers are able to create an effect field in which plants grow extremely quickly around the enemy either trapping or entangling them. These plants wilt away after a short period of time.


  1. Flayers are able to cleanse a field of plants or kill them instantly. The larger the field, the weaker the effect becomes.
  2. When Xipe Totec appears to them, he leaves a skin of a human to wear. Flayers are able to use these skins to become the previous holder of the skin. This can be used for indefinite amount of time.
  3. Flayers are able to call upon the blessing of Xipe Totec to restore health to people around him.
  4. Flayers are able to transform their bodies without skin making them instill fear and nightmare.


  1. Flayers nearly lose all their life in the winter and are forced into hibernation and is renewed again next spring.
  2. Flayers are able to become stronger around vegetation and even absorb some of their life to become healthy again.
  3. Flayers are able to sense when their surrounding enviroment has a few changes (an increase in temperature, a future change in weather and so on). 


  1. Flayers make great blacksmiths and gunsmiths.
  2. Flayers are deeply intuned with nature.