This is all the pronounciations for all gods, locations and all...XD Source from TVTropes & Wikipedia.

Name Pronounciation
Mexica meh-SHEE-kah
Aztlan aahs-TLAN
Texcoco tesh-CO-co
Quetzalcoatl kett-sal-coh-AWE-tull
Tezcatlipoca tess-kawt-lee-POKE-ah
Tlaloc tlah-lock
Huitzilopochtli weet-see-low-POACH-tlee
Xochiquetzal show-chee-kett-SAHL
Xochipilli show-chee-pi-LEE
Chalchiuhtlicue chawl-chee-oot-lee-COO-eh
Mictlantecuhtli meek-tlan-teh-KOOT-lee
Mictlan MEEK-tlan
Tonatiuh tow-naw-TEE-uh
Tepeyollotl teh-peh-yo-LOT-ull
Huehuecoyotl weh-weh-koh-YOT-ull
Ahuitzotl ah-weet-SAW-tull
Itzpapalotl eetz-PA-PA-lull
Nanahuatzin nah-nah-WAT-seen
Macuahuitl MA-cooa-a-hu-eet-ull
Ehecatl eh-heh-cot-ull
Xiuhcoatl shee-uh-koh-AWE-tull
Xiuhtecuhtli shee-uh-te-CUH-tlee
Coatlicue co-ought-lee-COO-eh

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