Temple of Toci

Toci's temple

Temple of Toci is the place where the warriors of Toci reside. The place resembles a barrack but with much larger rooms. There is an altar dedicated to the goddess, Toci surrounded by bowls of blood.

The place always smells like an incense burning in it. Human sacrifice is rare but will be done if a culprit breaks a rule.

Here is the oath to become a warrior:

I pledge myself to the goddess, Toci

The Mother of the Gods, the Lady of War

I shall be forever chaste, unspoiled by men

I will run by Toci's side, forever young

May the goddess bless me

Not that Toci is away from her hunt right now. Any warrior that you want to make must be already at Camp meeting Danielle Wu.



  1. Danielle Wu (Mictlantecuhtli)




  1. Citlalic

Up For AdoptionEdit


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