The Bank


The Bank is the second most important building in the City of Tollan. This is where you receive your money when you first came to Camp Aztlan. However, money given to you will be decreased as your status as an active warrior is lost. The money you will receive are cocoa beans (cacahuatetl/a standard monetary note in Aztec culture).


The bank interior is white and the beans are stored under deep-freeze condition so that it won't rot. The bank's assistants are all golems created by Coatlicue. The owner is Banker, a sentient golem created to manage the place. Please do not call them robots or automatons or they will slit your throat. Also please do not withdraw money freely or the golems will most likely to slash your face in half and crack your skull. Have fun!

Average withdrawal: 3460 cacahuetetl (please do not use them as hot cocoa)