We have a bunch of templates that are used for various reasons. To see the relationship templates, see them here . For userboxes, see them here .  For word bubbles, see them here . For warning templates, see them here .

For All UsersEdit


Want to put a character for adoption? Once you have notified an administrator or a bureaucrat, then put this template at the top of the user-page. Once someone adopted it, please notify an adminstrator or a bureaucrat so that changes can be made to User/Character List.



Is your character not at Camp right now? Maybe they are on a quest or you just don't want them to be role-played any more. No worries, add this template to your page. You must not use this template if you want to role-play with them. These are for characters you want to retire and not use, but you don't want to kill them off.

{{Away|went back to Canada}}


This template is for characters who had died and will never return back to the living world. The ghost template is in the making.


My CharacterEdit

Add this template to show that this character belongs to you. It is also a must to keep this template in none-formatted pages.

{{My Character|Waiyenoo111}}

This character belongs to Waiyenoo111

Dual OwnerEdit

If this character belongs to two users, put this on their character page.

{{Two Owners|Waiyenoo111|Brocky292}}

This character belongs to Waiyenoo111 and Brocky292

Dreams for QuestsEdit

These templates are to be used when gods give you dreams for your quests. If your characters have been approved to go on the quest on this forum , please add them to your quest page.

{{Dream|Danielle|I need you to bring back my moon crown.|Toci.}}

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Danielle,

I need you to bring back my moon crown.


Number of CharactersEdit

This template is to be used to signify the number of character that you have currently.

{{Number of Characters|1|1|1}}


Are you going on a vacation and that you won't have internet conneciton. Don't worry, simply add this to your user page and everything will go fine!

{{Vacation|ten days.}}




Souls are awarded with contributors who reached a certain amount of edits. The requirement to get this is that you have to be over a certain number of edits.

Warrior Soul - 0ver 500 editsEdit

{{Warror Soul|Wai}}

Warrior Soul

The Warrior Soul is awarded to you by Do people dream of radioactive ballerinas?~ Wai 00:39, April 7, 2013 (UTC), for having over 500 edits on Camp Aztec Roleplaying Wiki!

King Soul - over 1000 editsEdit

{{King Soul|Wai}}

King Soul
The King Soul is awarded to you by Do people dream of radioactive ballerinas?~ Wai 00:39, April 7, 2013 (UTC), for having over 1500 edits on Camp Aztec Roleplaying Wiki!

God Soul - 1500 editsEdit

{{God Soul|Wai}}

God Soul

The God Soul is awarded to you by Do people dream of radioactive ballerinas?~ Wai 00:39, April 7, 2013 (UTC), for having over 2500 edits on Camp Aztec Roleplaying Wiki!

Worked in ProgressEdit

If you need time to work on a page that you have created, please add this to your said constructed page.

{{WIP|time=10:00 pm, next week}}

Template Guide is still being constructed. The page will be done in 10:00 pm, next week.

Bureaucrats, Admins & Rollbacks ONLYEdit

Accepting ClaimsEdit

{{Claimed|a child of [[Tezcatlipoca]]|[[User:Waiyenoo111|Wai]]}}
You Have Been Claimed


This claim has been approved as a child of Tezcatlipoca. You now need to make a page for them and a word bubble, if you aren't sure how to do this you can see Camp Aztec Roleplaying Wiki:Guide for help. Once you have done that you can add your character's name to the cabin list and start role playing with your new character. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


User InactivityEdit

{{Inactive User}}
"Whispers in Camp Aztlan said that...."

Into the fog by la vita a bella-d4m2sjg

The user who owns this character has not been seen since {{{1}}}.

If the user does not return by {{{2}}}, they are in danger of {{{3}}}. Please contact an Administrator if you have any information regarding their whereabouts. Would you like some hot cocoa while you're at it?

User LeftEdit

 {{User Left|Waiyenoo111}}


Please add this to character pages which require rewrites such as OP weapons and powers or that you discovered a new flaw in their history and so on.

 {{Rewrite|OP weapons and powers}}
600px-Ambox rewrite gold.svg Hmm...Something's not right with this page

Template Guide needs some rewrites.

Reason: OP weapons and powers