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This character is a child of Xochipilli.

Alejandro Santiago and Peter Glass are blessed by Xochipilli!

Peter Glass
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Son of Xochipilli
Barrack F Overseer
Herald of Passion
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Xochipilli (Dad), Julian (Dad) Xochipilli's kids (Siblings)
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color brown
Height 5'8"
Affiliation Self, Barrack F, Camp Aztec
Weapons None yet
Species Demigod
Home Broadway, Barrack F
Quests None Yet


Peter -Child of Xochipilli
-Overseer of Barrack F, Herald of Passion

 – Love knows no bounds

Hello *Winks*


He has a very seductive personality, and is very flirty. He calls people "darling", "love", "kid", etc. He is kind of manipulative, and uses his looks and other people's emotions to his advantage. He is openly gay, but he flirts with everyone. He is determined to get his way, and very headstrong. He is a good leader.


He is about 5'10" and weighs about 155 pounds, which is all muscle. He has blue-green eyes, like the sea. He has light brown hair, which is pretty short. He is Hispanic, and considered very attractive.


Gabriel Glass was a broadway star in New York. One day, after the closing of his biggest hit yet, he went to a coffee shop. The barista caught his eye, and Gabriel asked for his number. 2 days later, they went on a date, and after a night of passion, a baby arrived on Gabriel's Doorstep. The barista, whose name was Alexander (he was a god) left the next morning. Gabriel raised the child and loved him, naming him Peter.

Peter grew up in the theatre world. His father was a huge star, and everyone knew his name. He grew up in a lavish apartment on the Upper East Side. He lived a lavish life of maids and butlers. He realised he was gay very early on, and his father, being gay, didn't care. Peter turned kind of manipulative, and would play with peoples emotions.

He was a natural triple threat, and by the age of 13, he had snagged himself the part of Tobias Ragg in Sweeney Todd. The audience loved him! He was called Broadway's Rising Star! He played parts in movies, Tv shows, and of course on the stage. He was a master of accents, and could mimc almost any voice. His father was worried about him in the New York streets, so he enrolled him in various fighting classes.

During run as Jack in Into the Woods, at 17, an Ahuizotl attacked him. It grabbed his foot with its tail, and swung him off stage. The woman who was playing Cinderella became a Nagual and drew a dagger. She stabbed the beast and got him home. She told his dad about a special camp, and he grudgingly agreed to send Peter there. Peter and Cindy, as he calls the Nagul, got to Camp Aztec. He is now waiting to be claimed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Children of Xochipilli are able to use pheromones which causes the target to think him/her as their closest friend or lover (depending on how much pheromones you induce) and help them with whatever they need.

Children of Xochipilli can summon a petal of flowers with fragrant and aphrodisiac-like scent which dazes the target for a short while.


Children of Xochipilli can sent a nauseating smell of a rafflesia or an extremely dense smell of a perfume to suffocate anyone around it.

Children of Xochipilli can summon a wall of flowers which defends the targets from an attack. However, the flowers fade away after their crreation.

Passive Edit

Children of Xochipilli can cause the target to dance restricting all movement for a short time.

Children of Xochipilli can attract people regardless of their gender.

Children of Xochipilli can create flowers out of nowhere which disappears soon afterwards.


Children of Xochipilli can project emotions into their songs allowing them to induce certain kind of emotions from the listener. (i.e. songs about sorrow will cause the listeners to cry and such)

Children of Xochipilli can change their appearances but to a lesser extent than Itzpapalotl's children.

Children of Xochipilli can mimic voices to some degree due to their father's powers.

Leadership PowersEdit

Children of Xochipilli can exude large amounts of pheromones which can change emotions in the crowds or sent them into a sickly and disoriented state.


Children of Xochipilli are great artists and musicians.

Children of Xochipilli are innately eloquent speakers and great persuaders.

Others may find them seductive or tempting.

Children of Xochipilli are quite vain or obsessed with their beauty.


None yet


Name Association/Relation Feelings
Xochipilli Father Seems pretty awesome to me!
Julian Dad Love him!
Cindy Protector Saved from that creature thing
Alex Boyfriend He is smoking hot!


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