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Oxomoco is an Aztec deity, the goddess of astrology and the calender. Oxomoco and Cipactonal were said to be the first human couple, and the Aztec comparison to Adam and Eve in regards to human creation and evolution.

They bore a son named Piltzin-tecuhtli, who married a maiden, daughter of Xochiquetzal. As an older woman she was also known as Itzpapalotl.

Her children reside in Barrack C along with children of Coyolxauhqui.



  • Children of Oxomoco have the ability to summon miniature stars which can be thrown like weapons. This can dissipate easily.
  • Children of Oxomoco have the ability to create a small star near an enemy which bursts into light and damages the person significantly. The user will be drained depending on the size of an explosion.


  • Children of Oxomoco have the ability to summon a shield out of stars to block incoming attacks.
  • Children of Oxomoco have the ability to empower their shields with the powers of the stars which blunts incoming attacks and defends to a larger degree. This only works at night and slows the down the movement of the conjurer.


  • Children of Oxomoco have the innate ability to see in the dark.
  • Children of Oxomoco can tell the date and time just by thinking about it.


  • Children of Oxomoco can see into the future for a few seconds.
  • Children of Oxomoco are able to empower their allies with night-vision making them more alert at night.

Leadership PowersEdit

  • In rare cases, children of Oxomoco are able to mimic the power of the stars. In this form, they are able to focus pure plasma which burned everything it touches or summon a force-field out of plasma. However, this can drain him/her and leave them immobile after they turn back.


  • Children of Oxomoco are expert astrologists.

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