Miguel Cuervo


The bike my mom bought me.

"Whispers in Camp Aztlan said that...."

Into the fog by la vita a bella-d4m2sjg

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Name: Miguel Cuervo

Mortal Parent: Cienna Cuervo

Godly Parent: Tezcatlipoca,

Personality: kind in front of others yet stealthy, quiet, and fierce as a jungle cat when hunting.

History: My mother met my father at a dia de los muertos celebration. They hit it off immediatley. After a couple of months I was born. My Dad revealed he was Tezcatlipoca and what I was when I was a month old. He said he had to leave and left her a map to a safe place for me in the future. My dad had to leave after I was born but named me Miguel then left my mother a small fortune to live on. We were happy. My mother had a great paying job and when i got my driving lisence she got me a new bike. Eventually I took up spear hunting. I trained and became proficient with a spear. On my seventeenth birthday my mom handed me a long present. She said it was from my dad. When I opened it it was a spear. The shaft was ash wood, but I didn't recognise the spear head. I asked my mom and she said it was obsidian. That night I was practicing with it when the spear head hit a rock hard but it didn't crack or break or anything. I tried hunting with it and it was as usable as my old spear. One night when i was hunting I was cornered by a leopard. I thought I was a goner when it rubbed up against me and let out a loud purr, then stalked off into the night. I was out hunting when i heard a roar off in the distance. I hurried home as fast as i could. Strange dog like creatures were attacking my mother, so I used my spear to fight them off. my mother said they were drawn here by my scent then explained about my father. How he was a god and I was a demi-god. she said he left her a map of a safe place to take me. We traveled all the way to camp. There I was claimed by Tezcatlipoca.

My spear

Weapon:Obsidian headed spear&nbsp

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