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Maggie Anne Moore
Child of Atlaua
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Atlaua and Jack Moore
Status Living
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
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Jack Moore was a handsome man, a famous surfer. He met Atlaua on a beach. Atlaua was very beautiful, graceful even. Atlaua was not interested in Jack, but he seduced her into having an affair with him, which led to Maggie. Atlaua left straight after explaining everything to Jack and leaving him the address to camp. Atlaua gave Jack 3 rings for Maggie, 2 swords and a staff is what they turned into.

Maggie had a normal childhood. A calm childhood, no monsters. When she was 5, she moved around alot, not staying still so she was diagnosed with ADHD. When Maggie turned 7, a package came to her door. It was not addressed with a return address. Maggie opened the box and in it were the words 'Be Careful My Child'. Maggie did not have a clue what this meant.

When Maggie turned 15, she was attacked by a Nagual. She turned to her rings and clicked the button on top of the staff ring. The staff grew to full size and she stabbed the nagual with the pointy top, killing it. A warrior of Toci found her and brought her home


Maggie is a sweet girl who loves swimming.


  • Her Weapons Are Chaos, Strife and Mischief
  • She has a picture of her dad and mom before she was born
  • She has the 'Beware Note' from Atlaua


Name Association/Relation Feelings
Jack Dad Love
Atlaua Mom love