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Lyser Northica
Daughter of Oxomoco
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Draco Northica-Dad, Heidi Northica-Sister
Status Living
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Lyser was born to Oxomoco and Draco Northica. Draco met Oxomoco on November 31st under the stars. Draco was an astronmer. When Draco met Oxomoco, he fell in love. Draco and Oxomoco had an affair, which led to Lyser and Heidi Northica. Lyser and Heidi came to Draco's doorstep 9 months after the affair.

Lyser and Heidi had a normal life up until they were about 13. They were seeing things, and started to be attacked. When they were 14 a Nagual attacked. Heidi found a knife on the floor(from Oxomoco) and killed the Nagual before it killed her sister.

When theyb turned 17, a huge monster attack occuered, it killed their father. A Ahuezotl attacked and killed Heidi, so Lyser was on her own. A warrior of Toci killed the Ahuezotl. The warriors name was Kathera. Kathera appeared to be about 13. Kathera told Lysser everything. Kathera told Lyser the options, A Healer, A Camper or A Warrior. Lyser chose camper. Kathera brought Lyser to camp and Oxomoco claimed Lyser as her own

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Lyser is a really sweet girl, a kindred spirit. Shes called the star by her dad and shes quite bright, but she can be a little but rude, or tough


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Name Association/Relation Feelings
Draco Dad Love
Heidi Sister(dead) Love

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