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Inghilda Hermansen
Redhead inghilda
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Swedish Diviner
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Edmund Hermansen
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Height 5'7
Affiliation The Gods, Camp Aztlan and Tezcatlipoca
Weapons -
Species Mortal, Diviner
Home Stockholm, Sweden and Camp Aztlan
Quests -


Inghilda Hermansen was born to a family of clear-sighted mortals with a god heritage dating back to the Ancient Aztec Empire living in Stockholm, Sweden. She was very talented student and had the ability to see through the mist. Her powers did not show up until she was thirteen. She socialized more and more while taking care of her father who was falling into depression. At the age of thirteen, she began to take up the hobby of divination shocking most people around her. With this, she could predict the future near accurately. Time went on and her friends began to leave her.

One day, she received a vision that a fire was about to consume her home. Inghilda warned her father about the fire. Though her father was convinced of her divining ability, he took extra-precautions. This was not before Inghilda accidentally left the stove as it was when she went to school as her father was taking a nap upstairs. Two hours later, the police called her. They explained what was happening and Inghilda rushed back to her home.

As she started to run, she was stopped by a tall looking man with a gentlemanly demeanour and a posh accent. The man explained that he was Tezcatlipoca and was interested in her ability to predict the future. The god asked for a deal, if Inghilda goes to Camp Aztlan in Alberquerque, her father will be spared, if not, Inghilda was die from smoke and her father will commit suicide due to her. Tezcatlipoca explained to her how Aztec myths were reality and how a nagual will impersonate her. Inghilda bitterly and hestitantly, accepted his offer. Tezcatlipoca with a click of his fingers, gave her the ability to speak English and teleported her to Camp Aztlan much to Inghilda's anger.


Inghilda is a bitter person and always keeps a straight face. She does not really care about other people and only wants to do her job, to divine the future and reunite with her father. Inghilda will respond very sarcastically about a person or rudely. She hates been single and tries very hard to flirt..but fails.


  • Inghilda can see patterns in nature which allows her to predict future for missions/quests.
  • Inghilda is able to see through the mist.
  • Inghilda innately understand symbols which allows her to interpret the future.
  • Inghilda are able to heal and sense auras and spiritual essence.

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