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Faith Smith
Legacy of Coyolxauhqui and Xochiquetzal
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Marcus and Aliena Smith (Parents), Coyolxauhqui and Xochiquetzal (Divine grandparents)
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height Unknown
Affiliation Priests, The Gods
Weapons None
Species Priestesses
Home Camp
Quests None


Faith is kind and friendly. She loves to sing and dance and loves music. Faith has ADHD and when listining to music to her it might feel a minute but it was really been an hour. Faith loves to read and write stories and has always been intrested in Mythology.


Faith was born to Marcus and Aliena Smith. Marcus was a healer and son of Xochiquetzal and Aliena was a daughter of Coyolxauhqui. Marcus and Aliena were always friends but when they were 18, Aliena was leaving camp so Marcus told Aliena how he really felt about her and they stayed together. After a year Faith was born (Date:4th of January). Aliena and Marcus still stayed in camp and Faith was raised there.

Faith loved her family and stayed in the city. Faith was the youngest person there and only learned about Aztacian Mythology. Aliena was protective of her daughter and never let Faith out of her sight. One day when Faith was 12, Marcus went outside the city's boarder to visit a friend of his. He was gone for about 3 days before Aliena got the message that he was killed. Aliena was so upset that she was always in her room crying.

When Faith was 15 she went to Camp. Her mother dropped her of there to keep Faith away from family dramas. Faith went exploring and came by the Temple. Amazed by it she looked around. After a while she found a secret entrance and entered it. When she came upon a altar she remembered what her father had told her "Only the very few can find the secret entrace of the Temple of the Gods"

Theme SongEdit

Me Myself and Time

Me Myself and Time




Name Relation Feelings
Aliena Mother Love her
Marcus Father Love him