This book is found in the Calmecac. The book explains about the art of divination used to soothsay.



Divination is the ability to to interpret or foretell the future events or discover hidden knowledge by occult or supernatural means. Divination is a systematic method of reading the future or provide help to a problem at hand. Unlike precognition which is the ability to view the future, divination requires rituals and methodical processes. Divination can be achieved by communicating with the supernatural (i.e. gods, demons, spirits, nymphs) or just by reading certain patterns.

In QuestsEdit

In quests, divination is the most important. The questors must know the symbology of the things diviners seen. These symbols cannot be taken lightly during the quest.

Format -

<Name of the diviner> sees

  • lightning and thunder - a punishment from the gods or sudden events that will occur while during the quest.
  • clouds holding rain - restraints that will occur while doing the quest.
  • soft west wind - the quest appears to be very easy to be done


The Diviners are clear-sighted which means they can see monsters like other demigods or supernatural does. These mortals are actually descended from Necuametl, a son of Huehuecoyotl who managed to trick Tezcatlipoca in a game of dice. Necuametl won and Tezcatlipoca was forced to bless his family with the ability to divine the future. However, Necuametl was doomed in Mictlan for tricking a god. His children apparently escaped the curse with the help of Huehuecoyotl's mercy. Scrying is the psychic ability to obtain spiritual visions and future. Scrying is done with a mirror, symbol of Tezcatlipoca. Using scrying, the diviner can perceive all types of visions instead of specific ones. Tezcatlipoca's way is cursed. Most users are doomed to become insane with insatiable desire to know more since they are the only ones who can interpret it. Usual keywords - all kinds of things known to man.