This fragment of a book is found in The Calmecac

Demigods and Modern TechnologyEdit

Technology have always been regarded as dangerous to demigods due to the monsters' ability to track a demigod with it. Most elders have banned most modern communication devices to be banned in the City of Tollan.

The gods however, discovered that it is the only way to communicate if the demigods and naguals are in danger. The gods have abolished old ways that told us that Internet or cellphones are harmful to us, demigods.

The gods with the help of Yiacatecuhtli, the god of merchants and supposed father of the Internet, created "routes ". These routes are invisible energy streams which enables demigods to use phones, internet and communicate with the outside world.

These invisible streams of energy creates a communicable environment for all of us living in the City of Tollan. The energy itself blocks the communicator's scent thereby removing their scent for a short period of time.

However, this has a downside. The energy also can drain the communicator if they are speaking for more than one hour.

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