This character is a healer.

Conor Lloyd
Head Healer
Son of Piltzintecuhtli
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Piltzintecuhtli

Kim Lloyd

Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Height 6'0
Affiliation Camp Aztec


Weapons A sword
Species Demigod,Healer
Home America
Quests None


Conor is the son of Piltzintecuhtli and Kim Lloyd.Kim is a doctor,a very experienced and popular one.She met Piltzintecuhtli in a hospital in Ohio.Piltzintecuhtli walked up to her and they had a very long conversation.Then Kim gave Piltzintecutli her number and then they started hanging out more often,and then you know what's next.Conor comes into the world,and the godly parent dissappears.

Kim was sad that he left,but she puts her duty and son in front of her first.She raised Conor and focused on her job at the same time.She thought Conor about medicine and showed him how to heal wounds and cure certain diseases.When Conor was 13,she sent him to a doctor/medicine school.Conor studied there for 3 years and graduated when he was 16.

When Conor was 17,Piltzintecuhtli came and visited him in a dream,he said that he was proud of what Conor has become,and to keep up with it,but also wanted him to go to Camp Aztec for his safety,and that he could become a healer.It took a while to persuade Conor,but in the end he said yes.Piltzintehcuhtli also said that he has a gift for him before leaving him in darkness.Then he woke up with a map and a sword called 'Macuahuitl' on his bed.He studied the map and realized it was the map to camp.He picked up the sword and decided that this was what his dad means about 'gift'.

He went to see Kim and told her.Kim wasn't that happy that he was going to camp,but let him go because she knows it was best for him.So he packed up his stuff and sword and went to camp,using the map,guided by his dad and obviously avoiding the monsters.He made it safely in 3 hours and stayed in camp as the head healer since then.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Conor has all the standard powers of a healer.


Conor has a laid back personality,he's calm,cool,patient and sometimes a jokester.He's straight.But Conor is serious when it comes to medical problems,(diseases,accidents,etc.).Conor puts his duty and family in front of him.



Name Association/Relation Feelings
Piltzintecuhtli Father He respects him and wants to make him proud.
Kim Lloyd Mother He loves and misses her,and also wants to make her proud

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