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21nd May 2013

Connor Brayden -Child of Xochipilli
-Voice=2nd tenor     Age= 19
Height= 6'     Weight= 158 lbs
Health Status= Healthy
Nationality= American
Relationship status= Single

 – Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

I don't mean to hating on it, but I feel like opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings.

Connor is an active person. He prefers physical activities above learning things. If he had to learn something, he chose to learn by doing it first hand rather than from theories.
Connor's personality is a standard jock's personality, but he doesn't limit his circle of friends only to jocks. He's willing to mingle with anybody, but nerds will have to bear it if he doesn't respond properly to scientific talks. It's just simply not his field of interest.
Connor's main flaw is his tendency to be impatient, and also that he has a somewhat short fuse.
The Basics

Full Name:
Connor Brayden
"dog lover" (Irish)

26th March 1994
19 years old
Alive and

Native Language:
Languages Spoken:
Drake Brayden was an athlete. He competed in a lot of competitions, won lots of medals, and he even represented his country in the Olympics once. Unfortunately he had a practice accident and it ended his athletic career, and forced him to build a normal life instead of as an athlete. But his physical prowess already attracted the attention of Xochipilli, and he started to approach Drake in the disguise of a mortal man.

Drake was gay and so he welcomed Xochipilli's advances. They started dating, and it didn't take long for their relationship to become intimate. But Drake knew that his relationship with Xochipilli was nothing serious, so when Xochipilli said his goodbye, Drake just let him go without too much fuss.

9 months later, Drake found a baby with a note from Xochipilli which said that the baby was the result of their love and relationship. Xochipilli also wrote that he won't be able to raise the child himself, and so he left the baby in Drake's care.

Drake was confused, because as far as he knew, Xochipilli was also a man, and it is impossible for two men to have a child together. But Drake didn't put too much thought into it. He wanted to have children anyway, so he took the baby in and named him Connor.

❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣

Connor Brayden grew up to become a healthy boy. He had ADHD & a dyslexic, but he was able to live happily with his father because he was accepting to his son's shortcomings and he loved him nonetheless.

When Connor was 7 years old, a man named James became close to his father, and it didn't take long for James and Connor's father to decide that James would move in and live together in Connor's home. It didn't start smoothly for Connor, because he doesn't like the idea that he had to share his father's love with another person, but James was a fun guy, and he was able to became close to Connor and they finally able to form a family together.

As a child, Connor had an active life, thanks to his father introducing him to sports since a very young age. His academic records was not so good, thanks to his ADHD and dyslexia, but Connor didn't have low self-esteem because he excelled in sports. Since he was a confident child, he was able to gain some friends, and his childhood life was overall a good one.

❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣

Connor's peaceful life was disturbed at the age of 12 he was attacked by an ahuizotl. Fortunately a nahual found him and helped him to escape and brought him back home. There the nahual explained everything to Connor and his fathers. The nahual explained about Connor's real parentage, about the Aztec gods, about Camp Aztec, and also about the monsters and how they were attracted to Connor's scent as a demigod.

The Nahual wanted to take Connor to the camp immediately, but Connor refused because he still wasn't sure about the camp. The Nahual didn't push his offer, but instead he offered Connor lessons on sword-fighting and especially about how to fight monsters, an offer that Connor gladly took.

It wasn't too hard for Connor to learn basic sword-fighting since his body was already trained for physical activities anyway. And so a couple of weeks later, the nahual left after giving a blessed obsidian sword for Connor to use, and also a card with a number that Connor could contact in case he wanted to go to the camp.

Connor didn't know whether his training was really enough for him to fend off monsters, but he just continued his training since he enjoyed it. Once, a few years after the first attack, another ahuizotl attacked him, and Connor was able to kill it. But after the fight, Connor felt that his victory against the ahuizotl was nothing more than luck, and not because he was really able to effectively fought it. Since then, Connor silently made the decision to join the camp and practice how to fight monsters properly, although he hadn't make the decision about when he'd go there yet.

❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣

When Connor was 19, he finished high-school and planned to continue to college. But his planning was disturbed by another attack. This time it was a cihuateteo that disguised itself as an ordinary girl. The cihuateteo approached Connor and asked Connor on a date. Connor was gay but he wasn't open about it yet, so he accepted the girl's offer.

The date went well, but Connor wasn't able to really connect with the girl (the disguised cihuateteo) and it irritated her. When the date was over, the girl asked Connor for a good-night kiss. Connor gave her the kiss, but he was hesitant. This finally enraged the cihuateteo and it revealed its true monstrous self.

He was without weapon, so Connor wasn't able to fight the cihuateteo properly. He was also unable to use his demigodly abilities optimally since he never practice using them. But fortunately for Connor, he was able to somewhat use his demigod ability to distract the cihuateteo, giving himself a chance to run away.

Connor ran home and took his weapon from his room. Right at that moment the cihuateteo broke into Connor's home, and Connor started to fight it. It was a balanced fight, but then Connor's father walked into the room, distracting the cihuateteo and gave Connor the chance to strike at the monster, killing it.

After that attack, Connor decided that college can wait, and he needed to go to camp Aztec first to really learn about himself, and more importantly, about fighting monsters. Connor called the number that the nahual once gave him, and a few days later the nahual came and brought Connor to camp where Xochipilli claimed him as his son.
Childhood & Family Info

Childhood & Firsts
Religious Views:
Aztec Pantheon
Earliest Memory:
Play mini basketball with his mortal father
Public school
First Kiss:
With a cihuateteo, but it doesn't really count though.
First Sex:
Not yet
First Love:
Not yet
First Battle:
Not yet

(godly father)
Drake Brayden
(mortal father)
(step father)
Half Siblings:
The other Xochipilli's children

Family Photo Album
Physical Appearance & Images

Model: not known
Physical Description

Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6 feet
Weight 158 lbs
Ethnicity Caucasian
Handedness Right
Shoe Size 12
Blood Type A+
Voice Second tenor
Eye Sight 20/20
Health Status Healthy
None Combat Abilities Sports
Clothing Style Sporty wear, casual, jeans
Distinguishing Marks None
Body Style Fit and athletic

More Images
Weapons & Possessions

Connor's sword.
Given to him by the nahual that found him when he was 12 y/o
Combat & Abilities

Skills Frontal attacks
Weapon of Choice His sword
Strengths Attacking power and defense
Weaknesses Speed and accuracy
Quests Led 0
Quests Been On 0

Demigod Abilities:

  • Children of Xochipilli are able to use pheromones which causes the target to think him/her as their closest friend or lover (depending on how much pheromones you induce) and help them with whatever they need.
  • Children of Xochipilli can summon a petal of flowers with fragrant and aphrodisiac-like scent which dazes the target for a short while.


  • Children of Xochipilli can sent a nauseating smell of a rafflesia or an extremely dense smell of a perfume to suffocate anyone around it.
  • Children of Xochipilli can summon a wall of flowers which defends the targets from an attack. However, the flowers fade away after their creation.


  • Children of Xochipilli can cause the target to dance restricting all movement for a short time.
  • Children of Xochipilli can attract people, regardless of their gender.
  • Children of Xochipilli can create flowers out of nowhere which disappears soon afterwards.


  • Children of Xochipilli can project emotions into their songs allowing them to induce certain kind of emotions from the listener. (i.e. songs about sorrow will cause the listeners to cry and such).
  • Children of Xochipilli are able to cast an illusion which transforms their normal beauty to look as if they are indescribably gorgeous. However, the longer he/she maintains this, the weaker they become.
  • Children of Xochipilli can mimic voices to some degree due to their father's powers.


  • Children of Xochipilli are great artists and musicians.
  • Children of Xochipilli are innately eloquent speakers and great persuaders. Others may find them seductive or tempting.
  • Children of Xochipilli are quite vain or obsessed with their beauty.
General & Misc Info
Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.

–Ernest Hemingway

Camp Life

General Information

Sign Aries
Meaning of Sign Element = Fire
Ruling Planet = Mars
Symbol = Ram
Birth Stone = Diamond
Current Location Camp Aztlan
Pets None
Likes Physical activities
Dislikes Being idle
Fears/Phobias Ventriloquist's dummies
Hobbies Doing sports (not brain sports)
Motto "Don't take life too seriously, bro, we'll never getting out of it alive anyway."
Things He Won't Do Clean up his room without being ordered to do it by someone.
Person They Secretly Admire WIP
Most Influenced By WIP
Moral Compass North
Most Important Person Before Camp His mortal father
Most Important Person Now WIP
Immediate Goals WIP
Long Term Goals WIP
Reacts to a Crisis? Brazenly
Face Their Problems? Like it's nonexistent
Reacts to Change Like he doesn't care
Alignment Good

A statuette of Xochipilli,
Connor's godly father

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