• Adoption Policy


A character may be put up for adoption at any time. To do so, simply go to the claiming page and edit their name into the list, add the Category:Up For Adoption tag to their page, and leave a message on the talk page of someone in the Administration dept so that it can be noted. Please do not roleplay them anymore after this point. If they hold any titles, they will be stripped of the position once they are adopted. You may put one character up for adoption every two weeks.

Character with a PositionEdit

If they are overseers, the lieutenant will take over the overseer spot, and the first person to add their character's name in the lieutenant place will be the new lieutenant. If the character is a lieutenant, then the first person to add their character to the spot will receive the position.

Adopting a CharacterEdit

On the other end, when you are adopting a character you need to notify a member of the administration team, remove the adoption category, remove them from the adoption list, and modify the page to make it your own. You can only adopt a character once every two weeks.

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