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Axetl Aron
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Mixcoatl and Sarah Aron
Status Student astronomer
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'6
Affiliation The Gods
Weapons Macuahuitl, Slings, Bow
Species Halfblood
Home Michigan
Quests None


Axetl is the son of Mixcoatl, the god of hunting and Sarah Aron. Sarah is an astronomer and met Mixcoatl one night and they started dating and then Axetl was born in a small town in Michigan and Mixcoatl left. 

When Axetl was growing up he started hunting and studying star positions and he realized he was really good at hunting. He took classes to improve his skills and eventually found out who is father was and was excepted in to Camp Aztec for his safety.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He can hunt anything by smell and sound alone. Can read the stars very well. 


Axetl has a very humorous charecter but can be serious when the time is needed. Usually thinks before and occasionaly over prepares.


Large bag with tools, weapons, and bandages

  • Macuahuitl
  • 2 slings
  • 50 stones
  • Bow
  • 20 Obsidian Arrows
  • Shovel
  • Fire kindling stick
  • Matches


Name Association/Relation Feelings


Respects him and enjoys talking to him frequently.
Sarah Aron Mother Loves her, like a mother.

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