god of water


In Aztec mythology, Atlahua (“deity of the waters”) was a water god, protector of fishermen and archers. There were said to be at least 4 ancient Aztec temples at which he was worshiped, the tallest supposedly being over 200 feet tall. The Aztecs prayed to him when there were deaths in water. Alternative: Atlahoa, Ahtlahua, Atlaua.

Her children stay in Barrack J along with children of Tepeyollotl.



  • Children of Atlahua are able to grow shark teeth and dislocate their jaw then attempt to bite an opponent.
  • Children of Atlahua are able to summon a huge wave to wash away anything around the conjurer.

Defensive Edit

  • Children of Atlahua can summon a barrier of bubbles and foams which temporarily blinds an opponent for a short while.
  • Children of Atlahua can create a spherical dome of water that surrounds the conjurer to slow down projectiles.
  • other then her children she was a bad ass

Passive Edit

  • Children of Atlahua can innately breathe underwater and resist the pressure of the deep.
  • Children of Atlahua are innately excellent archers.
  • Children of Atlahua's senses are enhanced uof Atlahua are able to transform into a certain type of fish and has powers depending on the fish type. See this for details.
  • of Atlahua are able to command and telepathically tame four or less fish for a short while.
  • minor wounds with water.

Leadership PowersEdit

  • Children of Atlahua in rare cases are able to cause any person to have a feeling that they are drowning or feel like they are being put under the immense pressures of the deep ocean, causing them to be temporarily incapacitated.


  • Children of Atlahua are great swimmers.
  • Children of Atlahua are mostly known to be fishermen.

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